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Featured Services

While Smiley Crane is your leader in HVAC Lifts, Truss Sets, and Construction, we would like to highlight some of our newer services.

HVAC Delivery

Smiley Crane Service is proud to announce that we have started delivering HVAC units for our customers. Using our specially designed stakebed trucks equipped with a loading/unloading crane, our delivery technicians can quickly and safely deliver your HVAC unit to your jobsite.

For more information contact:

Jeremiah 602-402-1327

Construction and Maintenance

With the addition of our rough terrain crane, Smiley Lifting Solutions is assisting many trades where a conventional crane isn’t a great option. With the ability to go off-road or maneuver into tight spaces, our rough terrain is ideal for rugged jobsites.

For a quote on the rough terrain contact:

Jeremiah 602-402-1327