Pricing update for Smiley Crane Services

Dear Valued customers,

First, I want to extend a Thank You for being loyal customers to the Smiley Crane family over the past 30+ years! As most of you know we have done everything we can to keep our pricing as affordable as possible for our customers over the years. The combination of lean profit margins, and the continued rise in operating costs has left us with no option but to extend a rate increase.

Our Mission to provide Crane Services from 5-ton to 600-ton cranes, Storage services, Equipment delivery, Heavy Haul, Rigging and jobsite logistics services have never changed, and we are committed to become better every day.

The attached pricing structure is twofold, the “per hour” adjustment covers our direct expense increases we have seen over the past couple of years related to, insurance, equipment replacement costs, repair parts, reduction in utilization of equipment awaiting repair parts due to supply chain issues etc. The increased “minimum travel” time adjustment covers our cost per mile to operate, to include but not limited to maintenance, fuel, labor, road taxes, weight fees etc.

We at Smiley Crane Services appreciate you and do apologize for having to pass these expenses along to our great customers.

Please Note: Pricing will go into effect on May 1st, 2022.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Tony Smiley

Smiley Crane Phoenix
5326 W Mohave St
Phoenix, AZ 85043

Smiley Crane Tucson
2001 N 9th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705

Crane Size Max Radius Hourly M-F Mobilization Minimum Minimum Hook Time
SPYDERCRANE 200 Series 25 ft $130 per hour $260 $390.00 1 Hour Hook Time Minimum
SPYDERCRANE 500 Series 40 ft $180 per hour $360 $540.00 1 Hour Hook Time Minimum
5 Ton 70 ft $105 per hour $78.75 Minimum $131.25 ½ Hour Hook Time Minimum
17 Ton 80 ft $130 per hour $97.50 Minimum $162.50 ½ Hour Hook Time Minimum
35 Ton 90 ft $155 per hour $116.25 Minimum $193.75 ½ Hour Hook Time Minimum
45 Ton 105 ft $180 per hour $225.00 Minimum $405.00 1 Hour Hook Time Minimum
80 Ton - 600 Ton 145 ft - 325 ft Call for Pricing