Discover Smiley Crane Service-
Your Premier Taxi Crane Service Partner with Over 30 Years of Excellence!

For more than three decades, Smiley Crane Service has been a trusted leader in the crane services industry, offering unparalleled expertise to a diverse range of sectors. As a Taxi Crane Service, we specialize in delivering top-notch solutions to general contractors and businesses seeking exceptional crane services.

Serving All Industries

  • HVAC, Mechanical, and Landscape: Precision crane services tailored to meet the unique demands of HVAC installations, mechanical projects, and landscaping endeavors.

  • Towers and Wind, Solar, Green Energy: Elevate your renewable energy initiatives with our specialized crane services for tower installations, wind, solar, and green energy projects.

  • Industrial and Heavy Lifting: Trust our experienced team for heavy lifting solutions that adhere to the highest safety standards in industrial settings.

  • Data Centers, Mining, Refineries: Expert crane services for the intricate requirements of data center installations, mining operations, and refinery projects.

  • Telecom and Demolition: From telecom infrastructure installations to precision demolition, rely on us for safe and efficient crane services.

  • Manufacturing: Streamline your manufacturing processes with our crane services designed for efficient material handling and equipment installation.

Our Success is in the Details

At Smiley Crane Service, we provide a diverse selection of cranes meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of your project. Our commitment ensures that you have the perfect crane option for every lift, regardless of size. Central to our impressive fleet is the 750-ton Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1, symbolizing our dedication to unmatched lifting capabilities.

Same Day Service

Sometimes you just need a lift as soon as possible. When this happens our professional dispatchers will do everything possible to get a crane to you.

3D Lift Plan Service

With larger and more complex lifts, we offer the latest in available software to generate 3D Lift Plans to ensure your lift gets done safely and efficiently.

Large Fleet

We take pride in our well-maintained fleet of cranes, including All Terrain Cranes, Boom Trucks, Rough Terrain Cranes, and Mini Crawler Cranes.

Our professional crane team is here to support you by accurately assessing your job and guiding you in selecting the most suitable crane. This not only enhances efficiency but also saves valuable time and resources. When faced with challenging tasks, trust in our expertise for thorough lift planning and jobwalks. We guarantee that every facet of your project is thoughtfully considered and executed with precision. At Smiley Crane Service, we are committed to elevating your lifting experience.

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