Providing Peace of Mind with TurnKey Transport, Delivery, Lifting, and Setting Services

At Smiley Crane Service, our proficiency extends to offering efficient storage solutions and precise handling of sensitive components within our climate-controlled indoor storage and outdoor facilities. We provide tailored services across various industries, ensuring the secure storage of equipment. Our comprehensive suite of offerings encompasses storage, transport, and rigging for a diverse range of projects.

Whether you require indoor storage, specialized rigging, crane service, or dedicated floor space, we prioritize safety and efficiency in every aspect of our operations. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver excellence, meeting the unique needs of each customer. At Smiley Crane Service, we go above and beyond to ensure the success and security of your project.

Indoor Storage:

  • Insured and Secured Warehouse
  • 80,000 Square Feet of Temperature-controlled Space
  • 4 Loading Docks for Efficient Unloading and Reloading
  • Pallet Racking and Dedicated Floor Space Storage
  • Advanced Unit Tracking with Active Inventory Information

Outdoor Storage:

  • Insured and Secured
  • 8 Acres of Laydown Space
  • Crane Service Available for Loading/Unloading
  • Customized Rigging and Crane Service for Loading/Offloading

Equipment Handling:

  • Crane Service Available for Loading/Unloading
  • Specialized Rigging for Industry-Specific Needs
  • Well-Maintained Equipment, Including 3K Forklift, 6K Forklift, Forklift Clamp Attachments, and Forklift Spade Attachments
  • Trained Professionals Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Delivery and Transport:

  • 22 Ft Flat Bed Service
  • 26 Ft Box Trucks
  • 48 Ft Dry Van Trailers
  • 48 Ft Flatbed and Stepdeck Trailer
  • Pickup from Wholesaler
  • Deliver to your Jobsite
  • Oversized Load Capabilities with Stretch Lowboy Trailers