Smiley Crane Service: Your Versatile Partner for Crane Solutions Across HVAC, Mechanical, Landscape, and More

Smiley Crane Service prides itself on being a multifaceted crane company that services a variety of industries such as HVAC & Mechanical, Landscape, Communication, Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Green Energy, Industrial, Heavy Lifting, Data Centers, Mining and more.

While each project is unique, Smiley Crane Service offers the experience and equipment to safely and efficiently complete your job.

Commonly Served Industries

  • HVAC
  • Mechanical
  • Landscape
  • Towers
  • Wind, Solar, Green Energy
  • Industrial
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Data Centers
  • Mining
  • Refineries
  • Telecom
  • Demolition
  • Manufacturing
What Our Customers are Saying…

We had your team set some generators and transformers for 3 days a couple weeks ago. I just wanted ya’ll to know how much I appreciate the hard work and professionalism your crew showcased while working with us. From the beginning, The pick plans and all the additional info that was requested from Smiley Lifting Solutions was above and beyond expectations. Thank you for the detailed packet you provided. Charles the operator, really showcased leadership as a competent person. On the second pick for the generator, Charles did not like how the rigging was setting on the side of these louvers and was concerned about potential damage. He stopped the lift, went from a 28′ to a 20′ primary spreader bar which had production at a stand still.
Once the rigging was adjusted, not only did he not damage or scuff the load, but it picked just about level, which is a big deal, cause it made the connections much easier. This is a perfect example of doing the right thing. I can’t even begin to say enough good things about the crew as well. everyone on the team made the job safe and efficient. I will be recommending SLS for any lifting projects down the road.

Mike, via website

“Very affordable, friendly and professional. I hired these guys to help me lift an evaporative cooler up onto a commercial rooftop. They arrived early, had all the rigging and wasted no time helping us get it done. Highly recommend these guys for anything regarding crane services.”

Joe K, via Google-
Our company has been using Smiley for years. Great staff on the phones and the drivers are always helpful and professional. All the employees seem to enjoy their work and speak highly of Smiley. I recommend them for all your crane services from small to humongous.
Randy Dick, via Google-
Hired the 275 ton crane and for the first time in my 36 years on the field the truck drivers bringing the counter weights helped us installing 6,000.00 pounds Date Palms Awesome Company they made my men and I life’s easy that day.
X. X., via Google-