Smiley Crane: A Journey of Growth, Innovation, and Unmatched Lifting Solutions Since 1989

Locally owned and operated, Smiley Crane, a division of Smiley Lifting Solutions, began its journey in 1989 with a dream, a single boom truck, and a CB radio. Through gradual fleet expansion and the introduction of additional services like warehousing, logistics, rigging, specialty lifts, and training, Smiley Crane has transformed into a customer favorite, now offering a comprehensive range of All Terrain Cranes and Boom Trucks.

In 1998, the expansion into crane manufacturing and maintenance marked a significant milestone, as Smiley Lifting Solutions became the exclusive distributor of UNIC cranes in the United States and Canada. The business diversified its offerings by engineering and building 5-ton and 15-ton UNIC boom trucks and specialty trucks, leading to continuous growth. Smiley Crane concurrently expanded its full-service crane rental fleet.

While growing the light crane and boom truck fleet remained a focus for many years, 2018 marked a pivotal moment when Smiley Lifting Solutions decided to venture into the large crane service industry. The objective was clear: to provide customers with an extensive all-terrain crane fleet, maintaining the high standards and exceptional customer service that had become synonymous with the Smiley Team.

Today, boasting an expansive fleet that includes the formidable 750-ton Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1, Smiley Crane stands ready to serve clients with crane solutions for nearly any size lift. Amidst our growth, we remain grounded in our roots and take immense pride in the reputation of the Smiley Crane Team. Their commitment to delivering exceptional, safe, and efficient crane service is the cornerstone of our success and the promise we uphold to our valued customers.