550-ton Liebherr Crane Played a Crucial Role in the Remarkable St. Joe’s Hospital Project

Exciting news from Smiley Crane! Our powerful 550-ton Liebherr Crane played a crucial role in the remarkable St. Joe’s Hospital project. This achievement is a testament to meticulous pre-planning and seamless coordination with our valued customer. Huge kudos to our exceptional crews and to our customer– their unwavering dedication truly made a difference.

For those curious minds: it takes 6-7 hours to assemble a crane of this magnitude. In this specific lift, the Air Handler, weighing a total of 56,000 lbs. and comprised of 11 pieces (the heaviest at 16,100 lbs.), was a substantial part. The second part, the Outside Air Handler, weighed 9,000 lbs. and had 4 pieces.

This wasn’t an overnight feat but a result of days of careful pre-planning, teamwork, and meticulous coordination, all within the challenging setting of an occupied hospital. Remarkably, the project was executed with no impact on patient and staff operations – a testament to safety and customer service being a top priority. Hats off to a phenomenal crew that made it all happen.